Friday, January 17, 2014

Semester in Review (Reflection)

Dear reader,

This year has been the best year for me as a writer. I always thought that my writing had peaked last year during American Studies class, but continues to improve.  I guess it's because I didn't give up on myself, or settle for the skills I already had. I found it was better and easy to write if I didn't let anything distract me. If I can just get into my zone, where it's just me and a blank piece of paper, I can produce some of my best writing. I chose my two best writing pieces to discuss. They are not chosen based on what I received for a grade, because when your a writer, only you can tell which piece is good or bad. I chose the two pieces that I was most impressed with.

The first piece I included was my college essay. It took me a couple tries to finally write a college essay that I thought was good enough to submit, but when I finally got it, I was sure I nailed it. First of all, it's always a good sign when you come out of the writing center and the only thing you were asked to change was two sentences. About this time last year I would of left the writing center with more red ink thank black. I wrote the essay about the time I went to summer camp for almost the whole summer. It was easy for me because that was a summer I could never forget.

The second piece I chose was my Personality Profile. I was impressed with that piece because going into it, I didn't think I was going to do very well, but ended up with a brood outcome. I wrote about how my sister Heather who is on her first year of teaching. The personality profile was important to me because it was nice to sit down and interview my sister. My sister is very passionate about teaching, so it made writing the article easier.

This year I have improved as a writer so much already, and I can't wait to see how much better I can get. I don't know how much writing I am going to do in the future, but the skills I have learned in this class will stay with me forever.  


  1. I thought your peices of writing were really good and interesting. I think your writing will in prove when you go on to collage. I think is is cool how you are following in your sisters footsteps.

  2. I like how you realised that your writing could improve and decided to act upon that and really work on it. I also like that second to last line in your first paragraph! Your drive for both the pieces you featured seems really good, and it seemed as though you really are passionate about these pieces!

  3. I think it's important to recognize where your best writing is- not because you received a high grade but because you just know. You were a strong writer to begin with but I'm glad you feel that you have improved from the beginning of the year. I really enjoyed working with you on the college essay. I hadn't seen much of your writing prior to this so it helped me learn more about you as a person and as a writer. I hope that next semester you will continue to produce strong articles and essays and maybe improve on the getting work in on time piece?? Good work- keep it up!