Monday, December 16, 2013


I used to use Instagram, but I was kind of tierd of seeing Black and white Starbucks cups. So when I forgot my password, I didn't really go looking for it. I agree with the article, the main thing people do on Instagram is say "Look what I have" through the use of edited pictures.

I think some people put way too much effort into those photos, and I know that for a fact, because I have done it before. It's not something I liked to do, it just came naturally after seeing all of the other posts.

I don't look forward to events because if Instagram, I look forward to them if they sound fun.

I think you should post trophies on Instagram, because sometimes trophies are cool, and that's why people go on Instagram, is to see cool things.

Opening Moment

School shooting in Colorado

A student went in his school with a shotgun because he wanted to kill his teacher for banning him from debate.

The kid shot many rounds, but only one was aimed at another student, who is now in critical condition.

The shooter set off multiple molatav cocktails before taking his own life in the library.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mo' life Mo' problems

Trying to make old people live longer is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard, especially when the planet is having population control issues. New people are born, old people die, that's how it works, that's life. Scientist shouldn't be messing that up because it's a pretty good system. As people get older they get less useful until they become immobile bodies spending way too much money in medicine. My grandmother is the perfect example, she can't do anything and she is constantly taking medicine for things she has never heard of. At least she has the right mindset about it, she's waiting to pass on naturally, and I respect that. If I were to offer her a pill that would make her live even longer, she would laugh and refuse to take it. I don't know why people want to spend a ton of money on research to make people live longer, I think it's great that they are looking for cures for diseases, keep that up, but don't try to make the average life span pass 100, that's messed up.

If I could choose my life span, I would say 40 is fine by me. I don't plan on having a wife or kids so that would be perfect, however, if I do end up stuck with a family, I would at least want to live until my kids graduate college. I see old people every day, that's not the life for me. I'm not saying that every old person has a horrible life, but I just don't see the glamour in filling my body with pounds of medicine just so I can go play bingo with my pals. We live, we die, it happens.