Thursday, October 31, 2013

Snitching Made Easy

Reading this article actually mad me mad. I feel like we can't trust our schools anymore. The fact that they would pay all that money to hire a "spy" is completely childish and ridiculous. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if our school was next to hire one of these company's.  When you click the "private" button on your Facebook account, that should mean something. I feel like our first amendment rights are being taken away from us. I understand the difference between freedom of speech and threats/bullying, but some of the things schools are getting kids in trouble for these days are ridiculous. I once got in trouble at school for liking a comment on Facebook. I was in my own home on my own computer, and they acted like I did something wrong at school. I don't understand why schools can't just leave there students alone after the bell. My biggest problem with schools is that they just try to punish kids for whatever they can. Just yesterday a student was suspended for making a joke about how the drink in his cup resembled cough syrup. That as just as stupid as those girls getting in trouble for posting pictures of them AT HOME with phallus shaped lollipops.


  1. I like the points you bring up, and I agree with all of them. When you post something off campus, it shouldn't be a concern of the schools.

  2. Your ballin so hard, I like the title. 3hunna

  3. I agree the fact that schools are checking in on their students social networks is quite concerning.