Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reader response #5

I recently read an article on CNN about a school shooting. The shooting occurred this past Monday at Sparks Middle school in Nevada. It all happened very fast. A student shot and wounded another student in the shoulder, and proceeded to shoot a teacher who tried to stop him. The teacher who was an ex Marine died instantly. The student tracked down one last other student and shot wounded him in the arm. After the third shot, he took his own life. Nobody knew why the student did it, because he was known to be a really nice kid, and the students he shot were thought to be friends with him.  Police and many others think the shooting may be the result of bullying.

I chose this article because it relates to the last chapter in outliers. The chapter talks about one of the most successful public schools in the country is located in the worst part of the country. I guess the moral of the story is that the whole school managed to overcome the fact it is in the middle of a really bad neighborhood. The school has never had problems with shootings or anything like that even though it is located in a area where that is expected. However, the shooting that took place in Nevada was located In a small quiet nice town.

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