Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Journalism looks like a classroom watching a movie and then writing a paper about it. Everybody is putting their opinion out for everybody else to look at, that's what I like about it. You get to learn about what interest other people and why it interest them. The other great part is that other people lean more about you, it's a great way to get to know each other.

There is a good and a bad everything, even cats. Bad journalism is journalism that tries to give other people a bad reputation by stretching the truth or lying. There is a difference between getting a bad reputation from fact and opinion. You can also get a good reputation, but you have to ear it, because sometimes journalist are hard to please.

I plan on going into film making after high school, soI guess when I am a famous director, I will have to deal with any movie critics. Every movie I make, there will be hundreds of critics judging every scene shot. No matter how good the movies are, there will still be bad reviews, because different journalist have different opinions. Everything has its opposite, so some might hate the movies even though others crown it as their favorite.

I read things like XXL Magazine and The Rolling Stone, because I like to hear all the latest news about my favorite Rappers. I like learning more about the celebrities that we idolize and hearing what they have to say in interviews. I like hearing news about which ones got arrested, or just had a baby, or how well their latest album is doing. Everything about them that interest me is right there in the magazine.

Journalism interests me because I really like paying attention to the media, and I feel like that is very important in journalism. The media is like the gossip queens of the real world, and what would school be without all the gossip. The media controls a lot more than it seems. They make trends popular by broadening them, they decide what we watch and what we talk about in pop culture. They tell us what is going on in our county, with politics, government, and military. Without Journalisim we would be blinded.

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