Monday, December 16, 2013


I used to use Instagram, but I was kind of tierd of seeing Black and white Starbucks cups. So when I forgot my password, I didn't really go looking for it. I agree with the article, the main thing people do on Instagram is say "Look what I have" through the use of edited pictures.

I think some people put way too much effort into those photos, and I know that for a fact, because I have done it before. It's not something I liked to do, it just came naturally after seeing all of the other posts.

I don't look forward to events because if Instagram, I look forward to them if they sound fun.

I think you should post trophies on Instagram, because sometimes trophies are cool, and that's why people go on Instagram, is to see cool things.

Opening Moment

School shooting in Colorado

A student went in his school with a shotgun because he wanted to kill his teacher for banning him from debate.

The kid shot many rounds, but only one was aimed at another student, who is now in critical condition.

The shooter set off multiple molatav cocktails before taking his own life in the library.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mo' life Mo' problems

Trying to make old people live longer is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard, especially when the planet is having population control issues. New people are born, old people die, that's how it works, that's life. Scientist shouldn't be messing that up because it's a pretty good system. As people get older they get less useful until they become immobile bodies spending way too much money in medicine. My grandmother is the perfect example, she can't do anything and she is constantly taking medicine for things she has never heard of. At least she has the right mindset about it, she's waiting to pass on naturally, and I respect that. If I were to offer her a pill that would make her live even longer, she would laugh and refuse to take it. I don't know why people want to spend a ton of money on research to make people live longer, I think it's great that they are looking for cures for diseases, keep that up, but don't try to make the average life span pass 100, that's messed up.

If I could choose my life span, I would say 40 is fine by me. I don't plan on having a wife or kids so that would be perfect, however, if I do end up stuck with a family, I would at least want to live until my kids graduate college. I see old people every day, that's not the life for me. I'm not saying that every old person has a horrible life, but I just don't see the glamour in filling my body with pounds of medicine just so I can go play bingo with my pals. We live, we die, it happens.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Pranks Are Funny

I think that a prank can cross the line into bullying before it even happens. If you are pranking someone with a prank that you are sure won't offend or harm them, it's just a prank. If you are trying to harm them or make them feel bad, then that's bullying. Sometimes people accidentally take things to dark but it is forgivable if they started with food intentions and did not mean to do so. Sometimes people overreact about pranks, but as long as you weren't trying to upset them , I think it's fine.

I think pranks are pretty funny, but sometimes they do get out of hand. We used to prank each other in the locker room every day after gym class. It got so out of hand at one point, everybody had to hide there belongings, just to make sure nobody messed with it. Every day was the same thing, but it was all fun and games. Sometimes it got a little out of control, but nothing more than a little bit of wrestling. One day it did go too far though, and the "joke" was on me. I walked in on the other kids hiding my stuff, and as I tried to get some of it back they tossed it back and fourth around the room. Then one kid tried to pull my backpack out of the locker and ripped the whole thing wide open. A brand new expensive backpack. As I ran at him, he then knocked over my laptop that he had already taken out of my backpack and broke it. I wouldn't consider that bullying, but that was a prank that got way out of hand and ended with a cost.

Another locker room prank that got out of hand was when one student put a condom that looked like it had been used on top of another students backpack. The two students got in a heated debated after that, because they already had beef, but the prank broke out into a fistfight that eventually had to be broken up so nobody got in trouble.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Snitching Made Easy

Reading this article actually mad me mad. I feel like we can't trust our schools anymore. The fact that they would pay all that money to hire a "spy" is completely childish and ridiculous. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if our school was next to hire one of these company's.  When you click the "private" button on your Facebook account, that should mean something. I feel like our first amendment rights are being taken away from us. I understand the difference between freedom of speech and threats/bullying, but some of the things schools are getting kids in trouble for these days are ridiculous. I once got in trouble at school for liking a comment on Facebook. I was in my own home on my own computer, and they acted like I did something wrong at school. I don't understand why schools can't just leave there students alone after the bell. My biggest problem with schools is that they just try to punish kids for whatever they can. Just yesterday a student was suspended for making a joke about how the drink in his cup resembled cough syrup. That as just as stupid as those girls getting in trouble for posting pictures of them AT HOME with phallus shaped lollipops.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reader response #5

I recently read an article on CNN about a school shooting. The shooting occurred this past Monday at Sparks Middle school in Nevada. It all happened very fast. A student shot and wounded another student in the shoulder, and proceeded to shoot a teacher who tried to stop him. The teacher who was an ex Marine died instantly. The student tracked down one last other student and shot wounded him in the arm. After the third shot, he took his own life. Nobody knew why the student did it, because he was known to be a really nice kid, and the students he shot were thought to be friends with him.  Police and many others think the shooting may be the result of bullying.

I chose this article because it relates to the last chapter in outliers. The chapter talks about one of the most successful public schools in the country is located in the worst part of the country. I guess the moral of the story is that the whole school managed to overcome the fact it is in the middle of a really bad neighborhood. The school has never had problems with shootings or anything like that even though it is located in a area where that is expected. However, the shooting that took place in Nevada was located In a small quiet nice town.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twitter Bio

Ballin.  Free Sosa advocate, cat fan, amazing. Gold chains. Gta 5, Trevor Phillips only. O-Block. Candy, Taco Bell, Ice Cube. Toy Skwad and CLC. THUG.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

After reading the article on public schools and creativity, I had this to say. Schools have never been a place for creativity, in fact, it is kind of the opposite. School is a place to learn what you need to know for life beyond high school. Schools do offer many things to help students express creativity, like Creative Writing classes, and Drama programs, and they even require their students to take an art class. The schools main goal is to teach each student the same exact thing, and it is really up to the teacher to decide how creativity is tied in. I have had teachers who wanted me to express all the creativity I possibly had in me, and I have also had teachers who just wanted me to do everything the exact way that they told me. Creativity is not dying, it's just not as common as it should be.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I started reading the book Outliers because we were assigned to read a book by a famous Journalisit.
I wrote a poem in response to what I read.

Long live, the long lived Rosetas,
Hearty diet, or so the doctors assumed,
Heart disease free, since 1882,
Outliers is what they are,
And you can be too.
It's easy you see,
Just change what you do.
Study the Rosetas, and how they live,
Simple, like times that have past,
They share and they give.
What makes them different,
From you and I,
Not too much, except for the age that they die.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Personality Profile Review

I read Charels Scudder's interview with Nancy Streets-Lyons that can be found here,

Charels must have had to ask her about her life in college, and her struggles during the Civil Rights Movement. 

Personality Profiles are nice because you can learn a lot of information without actually meeting the person. I prefer talking to people in person myself, but sometimes that just doesn't work out. 
What makes a good interview? Most people think it is the interviewer that makes it a unforgettable, but I think that it is the person who is being interviewed that can really make the interview. My favorite interview is a Tim Westwood interview where he is interviewing the famous rapper, Tyler The Creator. The interview was good because Tyler pretty much just took over the interview. He talked about what he wanted to and he made it funny. Tim Westwood could not control him, and by the end of the interview, Tyler left with one of Westwood's most expensive autographed records.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Journalism looks like a classroom watching a movie and then writing a paper about it. Everybody is putting their opinion out for everybody else to look at, that's what I like about it. You get to learn about what interest other people and why it interest them. The other great part is that other people lean more about you, it's a great way to get to know each other.

There is a good and a bad everything, even cats. Bad journalism is journalism that tries to give other people a bad reputation by stretching the truth or lying. There is a difference between getting a bad reputation from fact and opinion. You can also get a good reputation, but you have to ear it, because sometimes journalist are hard to please.

I plan on going into film making after high school, soI guess when I am a famous director, I will have to deal with any movie critics. Every movie I make, there will be hundreds of critics judging every scene shot. No matter how good the movies are, there will still be bad reviews, because different journalist have different opinions. Everything has its opposite, so some might hate the movies even though others crown it as their favorite.

I read things like XXL Magazine and The Rolling Stone, because I like to hear all the latest news about my favorite Rappers. I like learning more about the celebrities that we idolize and hearing what they have to say in interviews. I like hearing news about which ones got arrested, or just had a baby, or how well their latest album is doing. Everything about them that interest me is right there in the magazine.

Journalism interests me because I really like paying attention to the media, and I feel like that is very important in journalism. The media is like the gossip queens of the real world, and what would school be without all the gossip. The media controls a lot more than it seems. They make trends popular by broadening them, they decide what we watch and what we talk about in pop culture. They tell us what is going on in our county, with politics, government, and military. Without Journalisim we would be blinded.